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File and HD picture messaging, on every device

Purism is a new method for file and HD picture messaging, on every device. It empowers you to share the full quality of your photos and videos and provides an easy way to exchange all kind of files.

Sending files can be hard and awkward using email and its limitations, especially on smartphones and tablets. Purism provides you a modern way to reach recipients easily and instantaneously - also when it comes to bigger files.

Quality reduction used in conventional messengers makes your photos blurry and videos pixelated. Using Purism, you are able to send uncompressed multimedia files in the stunning quality you have captured them.

High quality does not always imply high costs - you can use Purism for free! We increase your balance on a daily basis and reward talking about Purism with extra credits.

Purism - a step beyond email

  • file messaging made easy

    Use Purism to send any file, without restrictions.

    Everybody knows how hard and inconvenient it can be to share documents or music using a smartphone. But Purism’s brand new file messaging feature enables the exchange of any file without expensive web spaces.

    No matter, if documents, archives, binaries or whatever you need to share – exchange any kind of data easy, fast and reliable!

  • multimedia in full quality

    Send your high quality pictures and videos in all their beauty and without compression using Purism.

    No more blurry and pixelated photos because of image compression applied by conventional messengers. No more jerky videos, because of restrictions of greedy service providers.

    Use Purism, and your photos, as well as your captured videos, will be received by your friends in the stunning quality that they deserve!

  • all platforms

    No matter if using a smart-phone, tablet, iOS or Android, Purism empowers you to decide which and how many platforms you are using!

    No restrictions, no requirements. You don't want to use your tablet with a sim card? Or use a WiFi only device? No problem with Purism!

    Purism frees you of restrictions or bindings to specific devices. Our platform agnostic messenger can be used on several of your devices in parallel.

  • login via facebook

    Login to Purism without registration! Do you have a Facebook Account? Great, you can use it to login to Purism the easy way.

    Of course, you can create a Purism Account for free, not only with Facebook. All you need is a valid email address and that's it - no phone number, no credit card, no commitment!

    We respect your privacy, and let you keep your data to yourself!

Share your momentsinstantly

in highest quality

with all your friends

Tailored to the most important

privacy & high security

Keep your data to yourself with Purism! You appreciate your privacy? So do we, and take whatever it takes to protect your privacy and trust.

pure quality

Special moments deserve highest quality! Purism does not apply any form of compression or quality reduction to any sent media.

share via purism

Let your friends and family be part of your stunning moments. Stay connected with them, even if they are miles away!

intuitive design

Enjoy the intuitive and fresh user interface of Purism. Some things in life doesn't need introduction - you will know what to do!

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